About IBI

Why work with IBI?  Our motto is "We Link You To More", and in today's competitive and ever-changing insurance marketplace that's an important tool.  With IBI, an agent gains market access, marketing support, and underwriting support all in one contract. 


Agents issue most business with IBI carriers directly from their office and own any business placed with IBI.  Finally, IBI does not have an initiation fee or monthly dues charged to an agent, nor do we charge for access to any particular carrier.  No start-up costs, great market access, and great service - we really do link you to more!


IBI has been in business for over 40 years. We are currently licensed in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, and Pennsylvania and will continue to add to our geographic footprint going forward.


400 Camby Court

Greenwood, IN 46142

PH: 317-888-2593 / 800-536-4783

FX: 317-885-7011 / 800-882-6863 (8oo-88BOUND)


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